Is Your Patio Party Ready? Craft Your Perfect Patio for Fall!

A Warm, Clean & Inviting Fall Patio!

A Warm, Clean & Inviting Fall Patio!

It’s just like clockwork.  Every year, at about this time, the weather starts to cool off in Scottsdale and if you take a step outside, you can smell Fall in the air!  What does that mean to home owners and Home Solutions by Libny? It means, this is the perfect time to get your patio primed for a great outdoor party!

Here are 5 simple things to crafting your Perfect Patio:

1.  Thoroughly sweep the patio free from all dust and debris left over from the summer monsoons.  After all the debris is cleared, you can spray down the patio.

2. Spray down the patio furniture with the hose.  Then take a few microfiber towels, spritz a little non-toxic cleaner on the towel and dry off all the water spots. This will make your patio furniture clean and inviting.

3. Wash the exterior windows and inside the cracks and window sills of leaves, spiderwebs and those yucky summertime nuisances; otherwise known as bugs.

4. Set a nice candle on the main table, a couple on side tables and hang a string of lantern-style twinkly lights for ambience.

5. Don’t forget to bring in some color and plant a few season flowers in a bright and whimsical flower pot.  My favorite Fall flower is the geranium, they are foolproof and with their gorgeous splashes of red or pink, they add joy to any patio.

Whether you plan to host a little soirée with your closest gal pals, or you are just looking to create a space to break free from being indoors all summer long, your patio is the perfect spot to tidy up and enjoy the morning serenity with a coffee.  If you’re short on time, Home Solutions by Libny is available for house calls!  We can come to your house, clean your outdoor living spaces and make them warm and inviting for all to enjoy. Be sure to check out our website for all our fantastic home solutions and services. If you have a need, we have a solution.

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